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Revolutionising CUI management with smart technology and advanced analytics

When a client tells us, “Thanks for taking care of my assets,” it’s more than just a compliment – it’s a testament to the transformative power of our solution. In the world of industrial maintenance and safety, predicting and preventing issues before they cause significant damage is the holy grail. This is especially true for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), a pervasive problem that affects a significant percentage of insulated metallic process equipment.

Imagine, knowing about CUI before it causes significant damage. No more guesswork or dismantling to find hidden problems – just reliable, data-driven insights that keep your assets safe. This is the magic of CUI management with blu’s innovative end-to-end solution.

The technical challenge of CUI

Corrosion Under Insulation affects a significant percentage of insulated metallic process equipment, particularly carbon and stainless steels, posing a major threat to asset integrity, health and safety, and operational excellence. Historically, CUI has been a leading cause of equipment failure in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, often resulting in hazardous and costly incidents.

Traditional methods of managing CUI rely on risk-based inspection (RBI) schemes, which are often inefficient and costly. These methods involve extensive inspections based on empirical risk assessments and past experience, much like looking for a needle in a haystack. Studies show that up to 70% of these inspections fail to detect any damage, highlighting the inefficiency of the current approach.

Our innovative technological solution

At blu, we turn the unpredictable into the predictable by using smart technology and advanced data analytics. Our end-to-end solution uses a network of point sensors to monitor humidity and temperature within insulation systems. These measurements via wireless sensors, combined with physics-based data analytics, allow us to assess and predict the moisture content of both the insulation and the surface of the pipes and equipment. This data-driven approach improves the technical integrity, enables targeted inspections, reducing unnecessary work and costs.

Putting theory into practice: successful deployment in Norway

We just recently implemented this technology in Norway, installing hundreds of sensors on a heated and insulated outdoor pipe system. The project, delivered to the client’s high satisfaction, is now providing valuable data that will be monitored over the next months. This deployment not only demonstrates the effectiveness of our solution but also showcases our ability to execute complex projects in diverse environments. We’re also in advanced talks with several international operators where KAEFER already provides core services.

We offer a comprehensive solution based on Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices, equipped with LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a low-power, wide-area networking protocol, designed to wirelessly connect battery-powered devices to the Internet over long distances, enabling permanent monitoring and data flow to advanced analytics for better decision support. blu’s services include planning, installation, documentation, training and ongoing support.

The cooperation between blu and the local KAEFER business unit provides cost-effective installation, support and robust problem-solving capabilities, ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality for our clients’ facilities.

Looking ahead

Our Norwegian team, made up of experienced field staff and offshore operations experts, is poised for growth. We aim to multiply our annual revenues by 2027, and we will focus on strengthening our capabilities and the end-to-end offering for the benefit of all KAEFER companies. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytics will further enhance our predictive capabilities and potentially revolutionise RBI modelling.

Stay tuned as we continue to protect your assets with the highest standards of safety and quality, and drive innovation in the fight against CUI with our advanced technology solutions.

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