Elevating IT coordination: CIT’s mission for enhanced collaboration

Setting up IT infrastructure for short-term projects is a challenge for KAEFER. Combine that with the complexity of remote locations and several hundred projects on a regular basis, and you’ve got the daily challenges faced by our Spanish IT colleagues at KAEFER Servicios Industriales.

To address the different challenges faced by our local IT colleagues, Corporate IT has established a global IT coordination approach. The primary objective is to support our business units in meeting their respective challenges and to facilitate increased information sharing between our IT teams around the world.

While the concept of IT coordination is not entirely new, our newly appointed Head of Corporate IT (CIT), Andreas Baumunk, is committed to intensifying collaboration and communication within the group more than ever before. With this renewed focus, we aim to enhance our existing framework and improve the alignment of IT initiatives.

To kick off this journey, Andreas Baumunk and Christoph Lüken, Global CIT Coordinator, met with Endika Eibar, IT Manager at KAEFER in Spain, Asier Calonge (CEO) and Ignacio Palomo (CFO). The purpose of the three-day visit was twofold: to gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific IT needs and challenges faced by our colleagues in Spain, and to understand the business perspective to align IT initiatives accordingly.

This not only gave us a better understanding of the Spanish IT requirements, but also provided valuable insight into the local business strategy. This holistic approach ensures that IT initiatives are aligned with KAEFER’s overall IT strategy.

While this first visit was an important milestone, we are delighted that more are to follow. Over the next few months, Andreas Baumunk and CIT’s Global IT Coordinator will be meeting with IT departments in several countries. We are committed to finding solutions that will improve cooperation, communication, and information exchange between the IT departments of all KAEFER business units.