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When Elisa Manfreda, HR Manager at Corporate Human Resources (CHR) in Bremen, talks about KAEFER’s new personal development programme GROW, she is on fire and her enthusiasm is contagious. Over the past 18 months, the entire CHR team has worked passionately to create a unique and modern approach to personal development that participants can make the most of.

Elisa says: “We’re all in the driving seat when it comes to our careers and lifelong learning. That’s why I like to compare GROW to a supermarket. Participants are in charge of their own shopping: they could end up with just bread and butter – or they could end up with the ingredients for a Michelin-starred meal. The commitment required to go through the shop is the same, so we encourage them to aim high.”

The main aim of GROW is to support the personal development of employees in their 30s through continuous learning and networking. The nine-month training provides them with the approaches and soft skills they need to grow and develop in their jobs. Five key themes – Balance, Creativity, Drive, Brainpower and Entrepreneurship – are the foundation of the programme.

The fluid, hybrid online and live programme combines elements of coaching with modern, innovative training tools and methods. The 14 participants selected come from different parts of the business, giving them a multicultural training experience and the opportunity to network with colleagues from different countries, backgrounds, disciplines and working practices.

GROW class of 2023

When you compare GROW with the former KAEFER Junior Development Programme (JLP), is there a difference or is it just a new name for something old? Kerstin Lacher, Head of Corporate HR, says: “Certainly not. The situation called for a renewal of what we’re offering our talents. The JLP was designed to train employees for management positions in their local business units. GROW enables participants to grow personally, focusing on the development, motivation and retention of all our talented people. Regardless of their career path at KAEFER – they are the future of our company.”

The new concept is much more informal and focuses on interaction in the community of participants, creating a good atmosphere as they take this journey together.

When asked about her hopes and dreams for GROW, Elisa says: “I want every employee to know about the programme and be curious about it. I’d like to see the community develop, the participants become ambassadors and GROW become established.” And after a short pause, she adds with a smile, “…and that no one calls it the new JLP.”

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