KAEFER apprentice is FESI European Insulation Champion 2023

Let’s give it up for the winner of the 2023 FESI European Insulation Championship from KAEFER Industrie in Germany: Niklas von Tungeln. But that’s not it: The success story continues – our apprentices from KAEFER in Poland Maciej Szatko & Tomasz Pawłowicz came second! And that’s still not it – we are also very proud of the other KAEFER participants who performed strongly in the competition: François Sgard from KAEFER WANNER in France, Joachim Smistad Fjeldberg from KAEFER Energy in Norway and Kenan Tiro from KAEFER Industrie in Germany. The entire KAEFER Team celebrates you!

As you all know, training is of the essence for our job and we put a lot of effort in educating the next generation. That’s why we want to take this chance and also put a spotlight on our amazing coaches who accompanied our apprentices to the FESI Championship in Feuchtwangen: Marc-André Kujau, Ludovic Valentin, Charline Leclech, Golec Kazimierz, Kania Jaroslaw and Christoffer Lie.

Marc-André Kujau (coach), Niklas von Tungeln, Thomas-Peter Wilk (Corp. Innovation & Technical Excellence)