KAEFER UK & Ireland secure framework agreement with Babcock

UK & Ire­land

KAEFER in the UK & Ire­land are ex­tremely pleased to an­nounce that they have strengthened their stra­tegic re­la­tion­ship with Bab­cock by se­cur­ing a frame­work agree­ment to ex­clus­ively de­liver our world class in­dus­trial ser­vices at the Devon­port and Clyde shipyards.

This con­tract will run for 5 years, fur­ther build­ing on the long-term re­la­tion­ship and high-qual­ity ser­vices that our UK team has de­livered to Bab­cock for over 20 years. The in­dus­trial ser­vices con­tract will sus­tain over 700 KAEFER jobs in the UK.

Chris Foulkes, CEO for KAEFER in the UK & Ire­land said ”I take this op­por­tun­ity to per­son­ally thank our mar­ine site de­liv­ery teams – we have only been able to se­cure this frame­work and long term em­ploy­ment for our UK work­force, due to their on­go­ing and long term ex­cep­tional per­form­ance. Op­er­a­tions Ex­cel­lence is part of our DNA at KAEFER and con­tinu­ous im­prove­ment is crit­ical in de­mon­strat­ing value for work in sup­port of Bab­cock’s War­ship and Sub­mar­ine main­ten­ance busi­ness for the Min­istry of De­fence.”

David Kemp, Dir­ec­tor of Pro­cure­ment and Sup­ply Chain for Bab­cock Mar­ine said “We are very pleased to con­tinue to work with the es­tab­lished work­force in the UK and the new lead­er­ship from KAEFER for the pro­vi­sion of In­dus­trial Ser­vices. The con­tinu­ity from the prior con­tracts cre­ates a great op­por­tun­ity to fo­cus im­me­di­ately on pro­ductiv­ity ini­ti­at­ives as well as in­nov­a­tion in work­ing prac­tices and coat­ing tech­no­logy, with the goal of provid­ing the best pos­sible qual­ity of de­liv­ery to our end cus­tomer in the Min­istry of De­fence.”

Steen Hansen, Co-CEO of the KAEFER Group said “I would like to con­grat­u­late the whole team from KAEFER in the UK & Ire­land for achiev­ing this very im­port­ant mile­stone that is sup­port­ing our con­tinu­ous growth in the local mar­ket. At KAEFER we are al­ways look­ing for long term and sus­tain­able part­ner­ships. This frame­work agree­ment fits per­fectly into this strategy and we are very happy that Bab­cock, as our long-term part­ner, has en­trus­ted us with this new con­tract.”

The mar­ine in­dus­trial ser­vices con­tracts with Bab­cock will de­liver a range of value for money solu­tions for the main­ten­ance and sup­port of Royal Navy war­ships and sub­mar­ines. KAEFER and Bab­cock will work to­gether to­wards shared ob­ject­ives of im­proved ser­vice and qual­ity, bring­ing re­si­li­ence to the busi­ness and cer­tainty of de­liv­ery.