KAEFER’s “Green & Clean” campaign awarded by the Bremen Chamber of Commerce

As part of the energy scout training at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce & Industry, apprentices Carina and Liana from the Corporate Communication department will soon be launching the new information series “Green & Clean”, which presents tips and facts about energy-saving potential in everyday life as well as other interesting topics.

The energy scout training consisted of three modules dealing with energy consumption in companies as well as possible savings potentials. As a task, the participants had to look for ways to save energy in their own companies. For this purpose, our apprentices developed the information series “Green & Clean”.

The training ended with the final presentation of the projects in front of the participants from the different companies and a jury. The project of Liana and Carina emerged as the winner. In the next step, they will present their developed campaign as representatives of Bremen in Berlin. The other projects of the winners from Germany and some other Eastern European countries will also be presented there.

In these times of climate change, energy crisis and high heating costs, even small steps can make a big difference. And that is precisely the goal of this series. It is about showing how easy it can be to save energy and resources.