New ideas make a difference: Paving the way in yacht interior outfitting

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… that’s what Dominik Spielbusch, Senior Process Manager Production, was thinking in 2022 when he and his colleagues from the yacht interior outfitting department at KAEFER Schiffsausbau in Germany were installing cabin doors on a yacht. And they did not stop there but started developing their ideas. The result? By the end of 2023, they will have developed their own complete portfolio of high-quality cabin doors for luxurious yacht interiors – certified and ready to use.

Dominik Spielbusch

With only one other door system established in the yacht market, there is little competition – but this is also why this particular product is mentioned in all the client specifications, making it even more difficult for another company to enter the market.

Dominik, a carpenter by trade, and his team wanted to reduce the weight of existing cabin doors, make them easier to service and shorten delivery times: “I came up with the idea and KAEFER said, yes, that’s plausible, go for it. We designed, built, tested – with all the ups and downs. It’s very exciting and very special to bring a new product to life.”

This was no mean feat – especially in such a short time. Cabin doors are not the same as doors in a house. While appearance and acoustic insulation are of paramount importance to customers, it is the fire safety requirements that require the most effort in the development of a cabin door.

KAEDOOR fire safety test

Fire safety test of KAEDOOR

After putting their heads together, the Yacht Interior Outfitting team came up with their own portfolio of cabin doors: KAEDOOR B-15.

Over the past few months, the team has had to convince shipyards and all the major interior outfitters of KAEDOOR. Dominik Spielbusch and his colleagues have literally knocked on doors in the European market, presenting the mock-up, test results and design flexibility. Their arguments are convincing. Imagine a large yacht with around 60 cabin doors: a saving of 600 kg in this area alone is interesting. In addition, the alignment fittings can be adjusted when installed, reducing the workload for the owner and crew.

With the portfolio now complete, KAEFER is a serious supplier to interior outfitters. The first doors are being ordered and, once the client’s specifications have been updated, KAEDOOR will hopefully be part of the next generation of yacht interior projects.

Jürgen Trost, Managing Director of KAEFER Schiffsausbau, concludes: “Our KAEDOOR is a perfect example of what can be achieved with teamwork and expertise. These innovative products set us apart from our competitors. I’d like to thank the whole team for their outstanding work and commitment.”

We wish Dominik and the team good winds and following waters.

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