Results of fundraising for Turkey & Syria

Together we have the power to help!

The KAEFER FOUNDATION gGmbH is more than grateful to announce the results of its fundraising campaign for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. With the fantastic support of our KAEFER colleagues worldwide, a total of €15,000 has been donated.
Special thanks go to our apprentices at KAEFER Industrie GmbH in Germany, who took the initiative to organise a popcorn fundraising campaign, and to our colleagues at KAEFER in UAE. Both showed how much we can achieve as a KAEFER Team.

The money raised was donated to ‘fire – International Disaster Response‘ and the Red Cross and Red Crescent organisations. fire specialises in rapid response and was one of the first rescue teams on the scene, successfully saving the lives of several people. The Red Cross and Red Crescent organisations are currently providing humanitarian assistance in the earthquake zones.