Revolutionising KAEFER’s process efficiency

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“Let’s talk about InPact 

InPact, which stands for Insulation Performance Action, is a proprietary, industrialised process methodology based on LEAN principles that uses a centralised approach to deliver efficiency improvements. But let’s hear our experts directly: Asier Tena has been with KAEFER since 2019 and his job is to get InPact up and running in the business units around the world. 

The InPact methodology revolves around improving process efficiency and increasing site and workshop control. Over the past five years, the InPact team has used digital tools and LEAN principles to evaluate every asset in the insulation value chain. This knowledge has enabled KAEFER to create standardised product catalogues that not only reduce production costs but also improve quality. However, our efforts do not stop there; we are constantly striving to improve traceability and minimise redundancy, search time and delivery problems. 

Which solutions does InPact currently offer and for whom?

How does InPact fit into KAEFER’s business strategy?

Where are projects being implemented with the InPact methodology?

At KAEFER, we focus on providing the best service to our clients, with quality and profitability at the forefront. We use digital tools like InPact to address common challenges on construction sites, such as limited access to a line or design changes. At the same time, by standardising processes, we make it easier to train people whilst increasing efficiency.  

The InPact office is based in Spain and the dedicated team aims to support all our business units worldwide in implementing innovative solutions in the insulation and logistics management. The methodology has a clear focus on facilitating the work of all KAEFER employees by prioritising the solution of complex problems with efficient tools tailored to each identified need. 

“Let’s hear about InPact 

With use cases already being implemented all over the KAEFER world, our testimonials confirm that the methodology really is something that has a huge positive impact on the insulation business on site, but also on logistics:

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