Strong interest in sustainability across borders – confirmed!

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In recent years, boardrooms around the world have begun to integrate the impact of sustainability on financial and operational figures into their companies’ business strategies. It’s a reality that KAEFER has naturally embraced – and our latest Sustainability & ESG Survey 2023 clearly reflects this shift.

The comprehensive survey, conducted over a four-week period from 26 June to 21 July, provides valuable results that shed light on various aspects of KAEFER’s organisational dynamics. The insights we’ve gathered from employees and external stakeholders (suppliers, customers, etc.) using both online platforms and QR codes reveal a mix of perspectives, diverse motivations and a shared commitment to a future that is economically sound, socially just and environmentally resilient.

On the right track

One of the aims of the ESG & Sustainability Survey was to collect feedback on KAEFER’s sustainability approach and performance. The responses confirmed that our increased focus on sustainability is being seen by employees and stakeholders alike. Two thirds of respondents said they had noticed KAEFER’s stronger commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Even more encouragingly, the results show a high level of interest in sustainability and ESG issues as such, with around half of all respondents having read KAEFER’s 2022 Sustainability & ESG Report. In addition, 87% of respondents agree or partly agree that the report describes truthfully how we work, live and act at KAEFER. This is a welcome endorsement, as we place great value on authentic reporting.

With the company’s increased engagement and reporting being recognised and appreciated, we also wanted to know, if we’re focusing on the right sustainability commitments. The response could not have been better: 80% of the respondents think that we are on the right track. With this amazing feedback on KAEFER’s efforts towards sustainability and ESG, we’re going from strength to strength.

Sustainable practices increase employee satisfaction

The survey also had a second aim: To quantify current employee satisfaction and loyalty. How does KAEFER’s approach to sustainability and employee satisfaction go together, you’ll ask?

Research shows that employees and job applicants are increasingly concerned about companies’ attitudes towards sustainability. Sustainability has become an important feature of employer attractiveness across young as well as experienced professionals. Employees are looking for sustainable employers and also expect a positive impact from the workplace.

For measuring employee satisfaction, the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a well-established method.

KAEFER’s eNPS score of 30 indicates that a significant proportion of our employees would recommend the company as a place to work. Compared to other industries and peers, KAEFER’s eNPS score outperformed, for example, the construction industry (eNPS 6) and professional services (eNPS 27). We’re very pleased with this result and see it as a good starting point for further improvements.

eNPS explained

The eNPS method quantifies employee satisfaction and loyalty on a scale from -100 to +100. It is based on a central question: “On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend KAEFER as a place to work?” Based on the answer, respondents are categorised as promoters (scoring 9 or 10), passives (scoring 7 or 8) and detractors (scoring between 0 and 6). An organisation can derive its eNPS score by calculating the difference between the percentage of detractors and promoters. This score provides critical insight into employee advocacy and serves as a benchmark to guide strategies around employee engagement and organisational success.

Excited about the future

The survey results show that KAEFER enjoys a good reputation among both employees and business partners. The data demonstrates the alignment between KAEFER’s sustainability strategy and the views of our employees and external stakeholders. It is a validation of our sustainability commitments and responsible business practices.

We will continue to conduct the survey on a regular basis to measure progress and identify trends. We aim to involve an even wider range of stakeholders and build better relationships with our suppliers and customers to gain comprehensive knowledge and improve our sustainable practices, aligning our actions with the expectations of our stakeholders.

Because, when it counts, you can count on us!

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