Tabakquartier in Bremen

Bre­men, Ger­many

The “Tabakquartier” in Bremen is one of the city’s largest urban development projects. The quarter is being transformed into new flats and offices, with some buildings being listed as historic monuments.

The team from KAEFER Construction is carrying out the drywall work for 230 flats and 4 commercial units within 12 months. All fire protection measures are integrated into the project sequence. The partition walls in the lofts cover an area of 25,000 m2, half of which are fitted with special fire protection constructions.

“The challenges of the project include the heritage protection associated with the building as well as the large construction volume that has to be realised in a short time. Last, the procurement of large quantities of materials in times of material scarcity must also be considered,” says project manager Kai Renken.