#Venuslauf 2023

The run against cancer


Since 2011, KAEFER colleagues have been taking part in the Venuslauf to support the fight against cancer. Since then, the Venuslauf has grown to become a global charity run, with employees from all over the world taking part. Last year, 31,101 kilometres were covered with the help of 2,600 KAEFER colleagues, their friends and families.

Every participant can take part in almost every sport that counts kilometres. The KAEFER FOUNDATION rewards every kilometre run with a donation to cancer charities in different countries.

For 2023 we have set ourselves a major goal: 40,075.017 km – the Venuslauf around the world.

After last year’s result, we are convinced that we can achieve it. When it counts, we count on you!

It doesn’t matter where you are or whether you want to run, walk, skate, ride, swim, cycle or even canoe – any sport that counts kilometres is possible! So motivate your friend(s), family, work colleagues or just take part yourself!

  • When?  – 15 – 17 September 2023
  • Who?    – Anyone related to KAEFER around the globe e.g. employees, family and friends
  • Where? – Wherever you are

Thank you for participating in the #VENUSLAUF 2023!

Please use the buttons below to hand in the kilometers that you and your family, friends or partners have overcome or the photos  you have taken during your activities.

The registration of kilometers is available as of 15th until 24th September 2023!

Register your kilometres

Upload your photos

If you have any prob­lems dur­ing re­gis­tra­tion or ques­tions, please con­tact run@kaefer.com.

How else can I support the #Venuslauf?

The KAEFER Found­a­tion gGmbH is a non-profit or­gan­isa­tion that is fun­ded solely through dona­tions. If you would like to sup­port us, dona­tions are highly ap­pre­ci­ated:

KAEFER Foundation gGmbH
Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN DE62 2907 0050 0169 0049 00

Donate via Paypal:

Dona­tion tax re­ceipts for private per­sons in Ger­many as well as or­gan­isa­tions are auto­mat­ic­ally provided for all dona­tions above €300. Should a cer­ti­fic­ate to verify a dona­tion also be re­quired for a smal­ler amount, please send a mes­sage to Found­a­tion@kaefer.com. Thank you.