The Power of Face-to-Face Meetings: the KAEFER Business Days

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In an age dominated by virtual communication, the importance of face-to-face meetings may seem diminished. However, in the midst of the digital landscape, these gatherings still hold immense value in fostering genuine connections and driving collaborative success. A prime example of this is KAEFER Business Days, where the power of in-person interaction overcomes geographical barriers.

At the heart of this meeting is a fundamental belief in the importance of human relationships. Despite the convenience of online meetings, nothing compares to the depth of understanding and collegiality forged through face-to-face interaction. These gatherings provide a platform for KAEFER colleagues from around the world to come together, share insights and build lasting relationships.

With the KAEFER Business Days we have focused on promoting and sharing best practice between all management and business units. If something works well in one unit, there’s a good chance it can benefit others. So KAEFER colleagues from around the world were invited to share their proven ideas and experiences with all units – answering questions such as how to optimise scaffolding designs, how to apply AI technologies in HSEQ or presenting new training concepts for blue-collar workers. All participants were invited to rate each topic and its potential benefits for the KAEFER Group live and immediately. The input was so compelling that each manager took home four or five ideas, paving the way for rapid implementation in their respective business units. This practical result underlines the value of in-person collaboration in driving innovation and moving the company forward.

A much-anticipated tradition, which we followed again this year, was the presentation of the KAEFER Group Awards – recognising the business unit that performed best in a particular category.

This year’s winners are:

This year’s event was even more special as we welcomed two new companies to the KAEFER Group: KAEFER TestTorque and KAEFER Teckma – both based in Brazil. Together with our longest-standing business unit in the country, RIP Serviços Industriais, more than 11,000 employees are offering their skills, know-how and project management capabilities to the Brazilian market. Our structure to meet the needs of our clients is now even more complete:

  • RIP Serviços Industriais: based in Indaiatuba and operating in many different locations throughout Brazil, focusing on maintenance and technical industrial services for existing facilities (brownfield).
  • KAEFER Teckma Engenharia: based in Sao Paulo, providing electromechanical services, industrial maintenance and construction & assembly for greenfield developments throughout the country.
  • KAEFER TestTorque Engineering: based in Macaé, offering highly specialised testing and inspection services.

Together, these companies form a formidable alliance, backed by the global expertise and resources of the KAEFER Group, consolidating its position as a strong player in the Brazilian industrial landscape.

In conclusion, the success of the KAEFER Business Days is a powerful reminder of the enduring value of face-to-face meetings in an increasingly connected world. By fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge and building meaningful relationships, these gatherings continue to drive innovation and build a true team – the KAEFER team.

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