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When it counts, count on us

More than 100 years ago, in 1918, Carl Kaefer used peat to insulate the walls of cold storage spaces. His idea worked so well that it led to the foundation of our company. KAEFER is your global partner when it comes to optimising and safeguarding the performance of your assets even under extreme operational and environmental conditions. With over 33,000 employees and a large international presence, we are a true global player ‑ there for you all over the world.

Carl Kaefer



KAEFER provides insulation, access solutions, surface protection, passive fire protection, electrical/mechanical and specialist services, as well as interior outfitting. Our services ensure the integrity, value and longevity of our clients’ assets. With unrivalled experience and expertise, our teams provide trusted partnership and tailored support for industry, marine & offshore and construction sectors to execute even the most challenging and complex projects for our clients around the world.

Sustainability & ESG


Many years ago, KAEFER decided to start encouraging everyone in the company to act, live and work in a sustainable way. This mindset is part of our DNA and has by now been completely integrated in our company strategy. Ensuring that sustainability is part of management as well as operational processes, an ESG-based approach makes it possible for us to exceed applicable standards, achieve commercial success, and pursue meaningful environmental, social and ethical improvements.



Many diverse and individual voices make a strong team. That’s valid not just in terms of work and career, but also in terms of culture. There’s a different face behind every story. And it’s the multifaceted nature of our company that makes it such an exciting and rewarding place to work.

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Energy Audits

How energy audits can save money and protect the environment

Energy Audits are an easy way for clients to gain an overview of all the energy savings potential in their facilities and also allow them to take action quickly and efficiently.


Corrosion under Insulation

Enabling CUI decisions

Should clients replace the insulation on plant components on the off chance that there’s corrosion and possibly spend money in vain on suspected CUI? The solution is provided by blu, a new company founded by KAEFER.


Technology & Innovation

Always pushing innovation

In addition to R&D, our Corporate Innovation & Technical Excellence with experienced engineers provides additional technical support to the shipbuilding, industrial and construction industries in a wide variety of fields.