Declaration of consent for the use of personal data such as photos, videos or sound recordings

Terms & conditions


The employee is completely free to decide whether consent is granted.


Editing of photos, sound and video recordings:

  • In individual cases, the images and recordings can be electronically processed and retouched.
  • Sound and video recordings for the creation of a movie or audio contribution may also be processed and/or cut. KAEFER will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that any summary form as a result of editing remains as true to the original form as possible.


Sound/video recordings of meetings, training events or training courses (live or online):

  • In the event that sound and/or video recordings are to be made to document a meeting, training, conference or similar event, the consent of all participants must be obtained at least two working days in advance.
  • KAEFER points out that this consent is also voluntary, i.e. each participant is completely free to decide whether or not to give it. Only if all participants agree will the recordings be made.
  • Upon request the employee has the right to inspect the video/audio recording once it is produced.


Reference in accordance with Art. 13/14 GDPR / DS-GVO:

As personal data are processed in Germany / Europe, KAEFER is bound to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DS-GVO) by the EU. The enclosed information in accordance with Art. 13/14 GDPR/DS-GVO is hereby expressly referred to. If the concerned person is an employee of a KAEFER entity in Germany, express reference is hereby made to the information already given pursuant to Art. 13/14 GDPR/ DS-GVO.



  • All contents published on the intranet/internet, e.g. on ONE, the KAEFER website or in K-WERT, can be viewed and downloaded worldwide and can therefore also be viewed and downloaded outside the EU. In addition, the employee’s data can be found on the internet as a result of a search via search engines. KAEFER has no influence over this.
  • Companies outside the EU are not bound by EU data protection law. KAEFER expressly points out on its homepage that the data on the website, e.g. from the K-WERT, is only available for information purposes and not for any other use or distribution.



KAEFER shall not pass on the photos and/or video recordings beyond the above-mentioned purpose.


Right of revocation:

The consent may be revoked in whole or in part at any time with effect for the future. If the employee does not give his or her consent or subsequently withdraws his or her consent, this has no negative consequences for the employee’s employment relationship with KAEFER. If the employee withdraws his or her consent, KAEFER shall arrange for the following:

  • The personal data of the employee for the above-mentioned purpose will be promptly deleted by KAEFER.
  • Photos depicting the employee will be removed from KAEFER’s internal media as well as from the KAEFER website.
  • For names and photos of the employee in print media both the name and the photo of the employee will no longer be used in the new editions. Further use is permitted for the editions already printed despite the revocation.
  • Video material depicting the employee will continue to be used because, for example, a revocation of an individual employee cannot stop an entire campaign. When a completely new edition of the video (this does not include minor changes) or a new campaign is released, only film material is used that does not show the employee as a recognisable person.