Welcome to Grupo Teckma, KAEFER’s newest member in Brazil

KAEFER is pleased to announce that Teckma, based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is now part of the KAEFER Group.   

KAEFER has been active in the Brazilian market for many years through RIP Serviços Industriais and more recently through KAEFER TestTorque. With more than 10,000 employees across the country, we are excited about the opportunities this step will bring and look forward to welcoming more than 1,000 new colleagues to our KAEFER Team. 

With the addition of Teckma, KAEFER is further expanding its presence and capacity to meet the opportunities of the Brazilian market. Our structure to meet the needs of our clients is now even more complete:  

  • RIP Serviços Industriais: based in Indaiatuba and operating in many different locations throughout Brazil, focusing on maintenance and technical industrial services for existing facilities (brownfield).  
  • KAEFER Teckma Engenharia: based in Sao Paulo, providing electromechanical services, industrial maintenance and construction & assembly for greenfield developments throughout the country. 
  • KAEFER TestTorque Engineering: based in Macaé, offering highly specialised testing and inspection services.  

From left to right: Cristhian Schwartzmann (CEO RIP Serviços Industriais), Fabio Barione (CEO KAEFER Teckma Engenharia), Karsten Wirth (CFO KAEFER), Dr. Roland Gärber (CEO KAEFER), Sandro Barrach (COO KAEFER)

With the additional expertise in the Brazilian industrial market, KAEFER will be able to offer further skills, know-how and project management capabilities. “Teckma and KAEFER’s industrial services businesses operate in related industries and complement each other very well. These combined capabilities will support our customers’ success and increase our competitiveness,” says Roland Gärber, CEO of the KAEFER Group.  

Together, these three companies, supporting each other and backed by the solidity of the global KAEFER Group, make the KAEFER brand an increasingly strong player in Brazil – welcome to the KAEFER Team. 

About KAEFER in Brazil
KAEFER is present in Brazil through its subsidiaries RIP Serviços Industriais, KAEFER TestTorque Engineering and KAEFER Teckma Engenharia. With around 11,000 employees and more than fifteen locations throughout the country, all three companies provide industrial technical services to a wide and growing range of industries, including refractory, electromechanical work, access solutions, insulation, corrosion protection, testing and related services.