Figures of achievement: KAEFER LEAN Journey

2023 marked the 10th anniversary of KAEFER’s LEAN journey and we are proud to be able to look back on some impressive figures.

A cornerstone of our strategy is to evolve from a company that does lean to a LEAN company that focuses on customer value by continuously eliminating waste in our processes. We want the vision of zero waste to run through our veins. Our aim is to deliver our services to our customers without incident, on time and in the most cost-effective way.

Our global LEAN Development Programme gives our employees the tools to become process improvers and coaches. It includes training in LEAN principles and methodologies, change management and coaching, as well as hands-on LEAN experience to improve our cost base, reduce inefficiencies in processes and promote best practice execution. These courses are delivered by our dedicated Corporate LEAN team, as well as qualified local LEAN practitioners and LEAN professionals within the company, who are also available to our clients for consultation and thought leadership.