Dream team: KAEFER and the Werder Bremen Soccer School join forces

We are thrilled to share that KAEFER is now an official partner of the Werder Bremen Soccer School!

Every year, the Werder soccer school camps welcome around 3,000 passionate boys and girls, aged 6 to 13. Besides the fun of playing, the children learn the importance of team spirit and mutual respect from an early age. Values that are just as essential for Werder as they are for KAEFER. For more than a century, both Werder and KAEFER have shown what it takes to successfully nurture talent and grow together. Our joint efforts build on this and show the young players how to become part of a team and how important it is to value diversity and take responsibility.

True to our motto: “Individually strong, unbeatable as a team”, we are looking forward to this collaboration, the new stories that we are going to write together, and the positive impact they will have!

Let’s kickstart this adventure and create unforgettable memories, one goal at a time!